Service & Maintenance

DreamSteamer® Service

The DreamSteamer® is totally automatic with few moving parts, and is built to give many years of trouble-free service. Should a problem develop, fast dependable service is only a phone call away. 

We can do the installation, or you can do it yourself. We supply complete instructions to assist your plumbing and electrical contractors. We back that up with an engineering department which is always available to work with and advise your installers.

Lifetime free technical support is available.

DreamSteamer® Maintenance

Totally self-contained—no boiler required Minimum maintenance.

Easy to operate—directions on the front of machine.

Totally automatic; load, press a button and walk away.

Easy Installation.

DreamSteamer® Warranty

Operation Procedure

Check the heating pan for cleanliness. Remove any lint or foreign debris.
Turn the water supply valve to the ON position.
Check the heating pan water level for approximately 2” depth.
Turn the power switch on. the PREHEAT light should come on.
The READY light will come on the when the water temperature has reached the preheat temperature.
Press the TIMER button to set the timer for the desired length of steaming time.
Press the START button. The STEAMING light will come on and the timer will begin to count down the Steaming period.
When the steaming time runs out the COOL DOWN light will come on and the timer will begin to count down to the Cool Down period.
When the Cool Down cycle is complete, a buzzer will sound. The clothes are now ready to be removed from the steamer.
Pressing any button will turn the buzzer off and return the steamer to the READY state.